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When the kitschy 70’s ended and the masses chanted “Disco Sucks”, I found myself stranded and in need of a makeover--FAST. Who was I now that it was 1980? In fear of peaking at the age of 10, I threw myself into the 80’s head-first as did my sisters. Alison went from Heart to rock art, Emily trunk’d her Nancy Drews for Agatha Christie, Caroline stuffed her animals for a saxophone while I danced away from Donny & Marie and into the groove of Madonna & Janet.

Slavishly riding the zeitgeist of the 80’s was not always pretty. Our matching outfits and squeaky clean tresses were replaced with scrunched and brutalized mullets, acid wash jeans and enough foundation to paint St. Linus’ rectory. Entertainment only mirrored the shift in our mores as we tuned out The Waltons and Little House and tuned in to Dr. Ruth and General Hospital. Of course who needed soap operas when our home life offered us fresh episodes of divorce, teen obesity, teen pregnancy, teen gayness, mall loitering, faith healing, and our very own Donahue show?

In hindsight it was a rough ride (in a Hornet no less) but we sure did have some good laughs along the way. And like Tina we were survivors and our big comeback was just around the corner.

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Joseph Hayes
jhayes36 San Francisco, CA

Fecha de publicación  25 de marzo de 2009

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