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We need reconciliation and truth in our world. Without it, we will not be able to live in peace. This book explains the historic effort by two former and entrenched enemies, Italy and Ethiopia, to reconcile through respectful dialogue and undertanding of the true roots of their conflict. One example, though symbolic, is the 2005 return and restoration of the Axum Obelisk from Italy to Ethiopia. Under the fascist invasion of World War II, the ancient obelisk was stolen on the direct orders of Benito Mussolini and placed in the center of Rome to commemorate his 15th year's reign of terror. Italian and Ethiopian patriots have been campaigning for its return since 1937 and finally in 2005, it was flown back to Axum. As President Barack Obama begins a new era of peace and justice, this book will inspire and guide us forward as we reconcile in fellowship and peace.


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