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Photos covering the life span of C. Jones Sr. up until a few weeks before his 82nd birthday. The book contains photos of his family and friends. Over 80% of the pages are specifically designed for the purpose of this book and are very unique to say the least. I must apologize for not having more of those pages in the beginning to show you how unique they are.


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C. Jones

Served 22 yrs in the US Army in various countries such as Vietnam, Germany, Turkey, and Chile to mention a few. Received photography training while in the Army. Just completed my 21st Blurb book. I enjoy photography and consider myself a "candid photographer", you know - spontaneity rather than technique. I'm most thankful to Blurb for giving me an outlet to express and share my love of photography via a book format. You may contact me at: Don't shoot to kill - shoot to enjoy & share -grab a camera!

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