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the rheumatic swaying of the train begins to slow and the clanking of the tracks become more sparse.

cla-clunk. cla - clunk.. cal - clunk... cla - clunk....

it wakes her from a sleeply trans, like a lizard wakes from a nap on a hot desert rock. it is early morning and a misty fog is making the sun late for work.

she does her interpretation of tai chi for train travel bunk beds. the final 'clunk' is a silent whisper and all is calm in her compartment. minutes pass as she catches her breath.

the door slides open and she stiffens. holding her breath, she looks over the edge of her bed to see a young man with a bushy beard and a big smile.

the 'hi' he exhales is tired but rugged. she can smell him, like she just stepped off a plane into the sweet mediterranean air.

she is no longer tired, in fact well rested. she leans over to look down at the bed below hers. this bearded man has laid down with a book. he still wears his big grin.

johnny opium is this bearded man... and these are our stories!


Acerca del autor

johnny opium
johnnyopium currently traveling

Fecha de publicación  01 de febrero de 2009

Dimensiones  De bolsillo  236 páginas Impresión en blanco y negro (en papel no estucado crema)

Categoría  Viajes

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