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Some photos of Dublin Ireland in the 1980s, Clery's on O'Connell
street, a house in Dartry, the Dun Laoghaire pier, the facade of Trinity College, people waiting for a bus off D'Olier street. Others are of an
air show in Minnesota, people I knew in Fargo, my cousin and her dog Glenn. I put the telephone box on the cover as it reminded me of Dublin when it had that blighted look. No more. It can now take its
place in the latte-drinking minions of the world.


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Born and raised in Dublin Ireland. Now live in Oregon. aodh58@operamail.com

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onggi dice

I would have liked to see all of your book. It is always interesting to see what image others capture and how they capture them. I enjoyed seeing your work. Hopefully, you will enjoy mine! I just finished my book, BEAUTIFUL IRELAND . http://www.blurb.com/my/book/detail/1780465

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