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Wings over Washington is an aerial photographic flight starting at sunrise from Seattle, flying over the city of Seattle then continue over the Olympic Mts and the Olympic Peninsula. The flight continue to western part of Washington and over the San Juan Island, along the Cascade Mountain, over to eastern Washington then back to Seattle at sunset. Along the route of flight, there will be unique picture for each location.


Acerca del autor

Long Nguyen
mtnflieger Seattle, Washington,
As a professional pilot based in Seattle, Long spends most of his time crisscrossing the western United States in a diverse group of aircraft. Whether flying high above in a corporate jet, or down low in the cockpit of a seaplane, Long spends a lot of time in the air with more than 12,000 hours of flying experience. Flying full time provides him the opportunity to capture unusual views of the landscape, spectacular weather formations and other fresh perspectives few photographers ever experience. A self taught photographer, Long’s philosophy is to keep the image true to its original and to find the beauty in the subject. He likes to keep images clean, crisp and simple so they can tell the story in a single look. From stunning views of cloud formations over Mt. Rainier to cityscapes and abstract desert formations, Long Nguyen’s airborne camera gives us all a chance to experience his unique perspective on the landscape.

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jolamars dice

Wow! This book truly made me misty-eyed. You absolutely nailed the uniqueness of Washington. It makes one want to be there inhailing the experience. Although, your book serves as a grand (pre)experience.

publicado 17 de nov. a las 22:25 PST

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