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Fast Company expert blogger, award-winning brand identity and rebranding veteran David Brier (with over 350 international recognitions) reveals the strategic principles that have helped clients earn millions in increased business and revenue.

Even more relevant in this age of social media-mania, carving out a brand is no longer a luxury but a necessity. With over 100 full-color photos of actual projects, this is the book that is honored to have Donald Trump and the late Steve Jobs among those who own this book.

The principles are to the point, easy to use and effective as the tools that will help your business rise above the increasing level of noise. Gorgeously designed and art directed by DBD International.


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DBD International, Ltd.
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With today's all-time high of message overload, businesses have a tough time standing out. Instead, many simply blend in, and spend a fortune trying to be heard or seen at all. The biggest problem is using common, me-too claims and brand pitches that sounds the same as everyone else, no matter different your brand may actually be. That's where we come in. David Brier, winner of over 300 industry awards, is the Chief Gravity Defyer for DBD International. Under his direction, clients across the US and internationally have seen the power of design and its ability to help products, events and services rise above the noise. In addition to writing widely published articles, David has authored of a number of books on design and typography along with many articles covering branding, packaging, design and what it means to change the world, one brand at a time.

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Janimarkus dice

I finally bought a copy as an ebook. This book is absolutely an eye-opener, as I have read it through 2 times already within just a few days. David Brier gives branding a whole new meaning, I must say. The examples are so good that it makes me want to re-think everything. I probably have to buy a hard copy as well. Thank you.

publicado 20 de may. a las 11:35 PST


willisjasonj dice

I just finished reading an amazing book called "The Lucky Brand" by David Brier. It was free, which is the only thing about it that I think is just plain wrong. I consider David a friend, but that's totally irrelevant here. If I hated him passionately I would still love this book. Why? It's just that useful.

Rising above the noise has its basis in data so fundamental that though it is slanted primarily for branding, it could be used for everything from creating art (and I intend to use it for this) to dating. And in the world of business I would encourage everyone thinking about starting a business or creating a product to read and reread this text because I would argue that it might be even more important to utilize it starting from the beginning of a project than in the later stage of branding.

As an aside, it's fun to read. David is one of the few people I know who are almost as compelling on paper as they are in person. Almost.

Downsides? You could say the book is short, but I would say it's much more accurate to call it condensed, or unpadded by b.s. put there to make the book look bigger for ill concieved marketing gain in a busy world or filled with useless opinions and data rather than hard won, honest to god, valuable nuggets of know-how.

If this is what David is giving away for free, I can't wait to find out how much better the book he's charging for must be.

As a final note, ignore the old saying. You CAN judge this book by its cover. If the cover isn't enough to convince you that this man is the Jedi master or branding, then nothing will.

publicado 25 de sep. a las 15:25 PST


shrollins dice

I got my copy, and the graphics are amazing and the information on branding is a breath of fresh air...I love it!

publicado 20 de sep. a las 19:10 PST


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