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My book is dedicated to my daughter Sara who was stillborn many years ago, and the events in the years that followed her passing. It is mostly about my life as a dancer.


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Jennifeee City or County, Country

My life hasn't always been about dancing. Just a few years really. After I was married I had a variety of jobs, from hairdressing to pet sitting. I have a lovely family, so I am very blessed. My writing is usually based around poetry, and I aim to put my latest poetry books on the site.titled... 'Please take the clouds away. ' And 'A mouse on my knee.' I am also working on a book for a friend who rescued a beautiful dog from Santorini, and had her flown to England. This is called 'Bessie's story.' I hope someone out there is brave enough to red some of my work. My goal is to make money for a charity that deals with the loss of children. I don't want anything out of this, but recognition for my darling daughter, who should still be here. I hope that in seeing the family I now have, that other people will know, there is a chance for them too.

Fecha de publicación  09 de abril de 2014

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