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This is a limited edition art book based on one of the author's poems: "On Becoming Haiku." Each image is chosen from the author's library of over 20,000 images. Many were gathered on extensive international travels.

Neither image nor word leads in these pages. Each is in mutual, intimate relationship with the other. Each marriage of words and image is intended to uphold the autonomy of each as well as the relatedness of each to the other. Each pairing holds its own tension--sometimes synergistic, sometimes ironic, sometimes paradoxical.


Acerca del autor

ljmellick Palo Alto, CA 94303

Jungian psychotherapy
Author and multimedia artist. Publications include The Art of Dreaming, The Natural Artistry of Dreams, Coming Home to Myself (with Marion Woodman), and The Worlds of P'otsunu (with Jeanne Shutes)

Dimensiones  Cuadrado pequeño  36 páginas   Papel premium, acabado mate

Categoría  Poesía

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ljmellick dice

Dear Kunndunn, My thanks for telling me about your reponses to "On Becoming Haiku." My hope in making these art pieces is to create a liminal space of beauty and contemplation in which another can dwell. It pleases me deeply that you were able to dive into that space. Jill M.

publicado 25 de jul. a las 10:19 PST


kunndunn dice

The creme de las creme and most universally accessible of all in this year's competition! What a gorgeous work of art! Never before have I ever witnessed such a harmonious convergence of light, rhythm and sound! This book in its' beautiful cadence is an inner journey of healing that lovingly embraces the viewer. The best of all the rest!

publicado 25 de jul. a las 08:50 PST

ONE ANOTHER - Fotografía artística libro de fotografías
Publicado 01 de julio de 2007

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