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These are images of Japan, I photographed in summer 2013. We traveled by train from Tokyo to Kamakura, Kyoto, the Kii peninsula, and Nara. On the Kii Peninsula we hiked portions of the mountainous Kumano Kodo pilgrimage trail from Takahara to Hongu, and Nachi. Most nights we stayed in traditional ryokans, sleeping on futons surrounded by shoji and reed. I shot all images on 35 mm film with a Leica M6. I am a street photographer and strive to catch the moment at it happened with as little intervention as possible.


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Frank Heflin
fheflin Columbia, South Carolina, USA
My favorite photography haunt is the street, people in the moment, street art & graffiti. I spend most of my shooting time around train tracks, fire barrels, coffee shop street tables, or simply wandering. If I am in a large city I am looking for great faces, or street art with a message. I have two cameras - a Leica M6 and a Canon 5D. I like to give away prints to the people I shoot. I carry a pack of them in the car in case run across people I've shot. People don't handle prints much any more, since images usually stay on a phone or computer. I notice people really like the visceral sensation of holding the image. My day job is running a large hospital-base home health agency. This is community care, a non-profit, & the people we take care of need our help. Shameless plug: check out my Etsy store at & my web site at You'll find lots street shots, train graffiti, street graffiti, animations, my blog, & lots of liberal politics. Cheers, Frank

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