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I had read on an internet blog site about a Cheetah conservation organization in Zambia where you could get really close to, and even touch and walk with Cheetahs, Lions and African Elephants. I was looking for something exciting and different to do for my next vacation, so maybe this would be an experience to remember.
Maybe I could also help these endangered animals survive for future generations to enjoy, thereby giving something back to the cause.

Is it for real?
How do I get to do this?
Sounds dangerous - so what are the risks?
How do I get there?

So many questions and challenges to overcome, but after spending a month in Zambia working as a volunteer on a Safari Park, I will never forget the wonderful animals and people that I met along the way.
This is an "unconventionally" written book and serves as a defacto travel diary / blog to record my adventures and thoughts whilst working as a Volunteer conservationist helping to care for these animals.
I've included many colourful photos depicting events, as so many people just can't believe that what we do is for real. Seeing is believing, and after looking at the beautiful pictures and reading the lighthearted story line that goes with the images, you can only decide for yourself if it was real.
Better still, book a trip and go there for your next vacation....


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GregPeart Auckland, New Zealand

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