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“Haute Tension” marks a turning point in my creative process. After focusing on more conventional subject matter for close to 40 years of photography , my concerns about our abused landscape have finally revealed themselves in this new series. While I respect my traditional “Henri Cartier Bresson” roots, the visual energy of younger photographers has inspired me to tap into something beyond traditional notions of form and beauty, or even of reportage. Digital technology has made the possibilities for artistic expression seem endless.

In this new body of work, I seek to bring attention to the scarring oppression of the urban environment and protest the way we allow others to decide how it is shaped. The original images I took simply documented the artificial growth of wires and cables overlaying the natural world and challenging my aesthetic sense. But as the manipulations took hold, each photograph revealed an inner anger that appeared to belong to the scenes themselves. My emotions were roused in response. In the same way, I hope to challenge my audience to shift their focus from the surface of objects and look for deeper revelations.


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Henri Hadida
henrihadida Montreal, Quebec Canada

I have been taking pictures for 40 years now. I just keep taking pictures, that is what I do. I have been labeled a photographer and artist by others . Sharing my images with a viewing audience is one of my biggest pleasures. Being able to bring them to you via the medium of books is even more glorious. I hope you enjoy the photos and the current and upcoming books.

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