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It all started with a thought at the end of May 2013.
You know how they say that frustration is right around the corner of a breakthrough?

I was on the beach and started to write in my journal about the frustration I was feeling when it came to money. With all the information available on how to make money, manage your money, save your money, invest your money etc etc plus all the programs on clearing up your inner money stories, I asked myself: 'Why are so many people still struggling with their money relationships?'

As I was having one of my rants with Source, I declared it was time for an experiment. Maybe, just maybe, whatever had been in the way of allowing the flow of money to be optimized could occur faster when a group of dedicated individuals came together for 40 days and explore what might be possible.

By the end of the 40 days I thought it would be wonderful to have the entire program available in a printed version so that it would not only be a beautiful tangible source of inspiration but also be convenient to carry along or have nearby. This way it would be easy to deepen the transformational journey and also keep track of the progress made as everything would be in one book.

I love how these 40 days have played their way into creation in a variety of formats, including an online homestudy version, group coaching and now this exquisite playbook. You get to choose which one resonates with you as you embark on your very own 40 day transformational journey.

Many joy sprinkles of appreciation,

The Joy Oracle at InnerDelight


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Tina van Leuven
innerdelight Perth, Australia

I coach conscious women solopreneurs how to prioritize themselves in their business and personal life so that they experience lasting fulfillment without burning out.
As author of 'Money and Miracles: 40 Days to the perfect relationship between who you are and what you make' , I invite you to join me on a journey to discover how joy can be your guide to an enriched life that is worth waking up for every day.

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