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12 year old Abel is a good hunter and knows how and what to plant and harvest in the mountains of Vanuatu. He knows folk medicine and remembers Bible related wisdom he has learned from his beloved grandfather. Abel did so well in Middle School that he is chosen to continue schooling in a boarding school on faraway Pentecost Island, in a foreign culture and a foreign language. He is afraid, but finally heeds his grandfather’s advice. Abel travels with on a bare bones cargo ship. He experiences hunger, home sickness, friendship and success at boarding school, sneaking off to go hunting instead of playing tag. When he returns to his family he is challenged to prove what he has learned in school. Through respect for his elders he promotes unity in his village and between tribes on the island.


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Karin Jensen
k_jensen_edu Geneva, Switzerland

I want to lead young readers beyond geographic borders to find out about how other children live in different regions of this fascinating world. By writing stories that educate and uplift I endeavor to share what I have learned in years of traveling around the globe.

Fecha de publicación  06 de diciembre de 2013

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