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Memoirs, Genealogy, Photos of Ancestors, This is a book of photos from my parents photo albums and my memories of my aunts and uncles and cousins during the 1930s and 1940s. It is also includes, an addendum of 10 pages, of my memories of life in the 1930s and 1940s in Plainville, Connecticut..


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Jacqueline Dagenais
JacquieD Bristol, Connecticut, Hartford
Graduated June of 2007 with Associate's Degree in Visual Fine Arts and Photography. Frist place photography show at Terryville Fair (Connecticut) in September 2006 ; 2nd place for Photography in Best of Show award in June of 2007 at Southington (Connecticut) Art Show and 2nd place for photography at CCIC in May 2007and 3rd place in the creative category at CCIC in October 2009. Completed a 255 page report on the Old East Street Cemetary in Plainville, Connecticut - and this compilation now appears in the CT State Library, Plainville (CT) Library, Godfrey Library in Middletown. In 2008 compiled a picture book of the 12 clocks on the streets of Bristol, CT with a little history of each; % in 2009 completed a picture and history book of Boy Rock in Plainville, CT dating back to the 1920s with the hope of preserving the Rock which is in danger of being destroyed. And now my 2nd Petee book - his life in pictures .

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