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Coach - In His Own Words - Dick Pugh.

My father was a perfectionist. It was a large part of who he was and what made him such a huge success. He was extremely organized and had his own way of doing things. So when he started working on this book, he was a bit skeptical about having to change the way he approached the task. You see, by that time dad had lost most of his vision to Parkinson’s disease and was unable to write down the usual outline that he was so accustomed to doing. This was the way he organized all his thoughts and always began a project – the outline. This was a challenge that we
needed to figure out how to overcome. So in July 2010, we (Debbie, Ricky, David and I) came up with the idea of surprising dad with a digital recorder for his birthday! We were so excited and thought it was the perfect gift that would enable him to begin the book he had always wanted to write. A book about his vision for coaching and for taking a struggling team, or as he called it - “a down program”, and turning it into a winning program. As the record clearly demonstrates, he had achieved this many times throughout his career and was well known for having a proven system. So he wanted to share all of this in a book. Not just his coaching philosophy and game plans, because dad had a plan for EVERYTHING including how to get the resources and support required to build a winning program, how to motivate coaches and players, how to structure practice sessions, measure athletic ability, engage parents and the community – all of it. This is his story.


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ldecs St. Louis, MO and Santa Barbara, CA
WE design what YOU want! Each book is completely custom designed for you. We can include anything you like - photos, titles, poems, personal messages, announcements, newspaper articles, brochures, flyers, ticket stubs, cards and letters or just about anything you can imagine. If it can be scanned, it can be published! Let us take your personal photos and keepsakes and turn them into a beautiful book that you will be proud to display. Want to have all of your wedding keepsakes in one fabulous book? Remember a favorite vacation? Honor the birthday boy or girl with memories of their lives? Showcase letters, children's artwork or family recipes? The possibilities are endless! We do the enjoy! ** Please note - many of our clients insist on the utmost in confidentiality and privacy, therefore, the majority of our books are not available for public viewing. Hopefully we have enough samples to show an example of our work, but if you have any questions please let us know.

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