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Basic Training for Christians

From the author of “What’s Wrong With Me? Why Can’t I Fit In?” comes another book of straight talk, real life Biblical answers for the every-day person who is seeking God!

This isn't a 'How To' book for Christian living; it’s a basic training guide for those who are new to The Bible and want to live a life for Jesus Christ. “Basic Training for Christians” helps Seekers and new Believers with the basics of being a Child of God. It helps answer the simple questions that people might sometimes be embarrassed to ask, such as: Why do I have to read the Bible? What is Faith? Do I have to go to Church? If so, why? What is Baptism? And many other “What about…” questions.


Pastor Ulysses J.R. Williams taught and counseled thousands of men and women about HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases as a peer-educator for the Illinois Dept. of Health. He has been an Ordained Pastor for over 25 years, a writer and an eternal servant of God. With a passion to reach Seekers and new Believers, Pastor J.R. has written two books for new Christians titled “Basic Training For Christians ~ Part One and Part Two.”

“Basic Training For Christians, Part One and Part Two”
are books in a series written by Pastor Ulysses J.R. Williams
and produced by End The Cycle, Inc. - a 501c3 organization.
For more information on how to order this book or inquire about other teachings and Bible Studies to help Youth,
please contact:
End The Cycle, Inc.
P.O. Box 783, Lawrenceburg, KY 40342 ph: 502-319-3064


Acerca del autor

End The Cycle, Inc.
Endthecycle Kentucky
End the Cycle is a two-pronged non-profit ministry that offers Evangelical and Outreach services to prisoners, their families and those at risk of repeating the cycle of imprisonment and the high risk behaviors that got them there. We provide FREE, quality faith-based mentoring and family-strengthening programs for all those longing to end the cycle: focusing specifically on prisoners, families of prisoners and at-risk-youth. We have seasoned, quality mentors, a Certified Chaplain, a Pastor and many other professionals who work with us to achieve our goals. We are also blessed to utilize one of our key-strengths to be able to help support our mentoring programs. That key-strength is our ability to produce and distribute quality Bible-based literature for any demographic situation. Our experienced, faith-filled writers volunteer their time and gifts to help produce materials that reach youth and adults (in prison and out of prison) with Biblically accurate, simple message.

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