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Cat haters through the centuries quailed that cats could steal human souls, a statement that is glorious in its stupidity not just for its mountainous ignorance but for the joyful fact that it allows intelligent people to respond gleefully with the word, "poppycock."

But as the nearly 100 vibrant color and dramatic black-ans-white images in "The Kneading" make clear, what cats and kittens readily ARE capable of is stealing the hearts of anyone who sees them at play, at rest or merely curled up companionably with the human they love.

In "The Kneading," author/photographer and cat rescuer Todd Foltz uses images and words to poignantly explore the relationship between men and cats and examine why society doesn't understand men who love cats. He talks to male cat lovers and rescuers from across the country and includes information from celebrities ranging from Rush Limbaugh on one hand to Projekt Records and Black Tape for a Blue Girl founder Sam Rosenthal on the other.

Explore "The Kneading" for heartwarming pictures and insightful analysis and find out why even the gruffest of guys are proud to be bedazzled by the call of the purr.


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Todd Foltz
HappyPlatypu Gladstone, Missouri, USA
First book: "The Kneading;" a photo and written essay on men and cats; due Thanksgiving 2013!! For the record, my company is actually HappyPlatypus, with a dynamic and rather sexy "s" there at the end of "HappyPlatypu." But Blurb ran out of spaces and/or esses. And so in this universe, I'm a HappyPlatypu, which I assure you, is not nearly so fecal as it sounds. This particular platypu is an eccentric former sensitive-ponytail goth boy, now aged past the ponytail but clinging to the sensitivity and the good taste in music. I've spent most of my professional life in communications, both as a writer and photographer, and after hours I've devoted my time to rescuing cats and dogs and the occasional wayward human. Along the way I've been chased up a tree naked by a bear (long, long story), been humiliated on national television and discovered that it's hard to impress a potential date by getting bitten by an alligator.

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