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Haga clic para obtener una vista previa Wi blaka revista y folleto art based introduction into the representation of the imaginary. Blaka the imaginary relationship of individuals to their real conditions of (co-)existence. Louis Althusser, (Totoima). This blog is a muddled but gentle continuation of the narrative of Grand Master Flash, Clarence Seedorf, S. Hall, Kaseko, Third text, Toni Morison, S. Biko, and many many more. It's an attempts to fill the gaps, lead a radical enquiry in the shortcomings and transform the disability’s of the (Dutch) art narrative into abilities’. This text is a key, to a visual door of new literary conventions, to write about the narrative of visual art. Most of my sentences are the expression of a tussle in language, trapped between real and imaginary, between past and present, between truth and untruth. Writing until the skin and eventually the face falls off. No smile, no twinkle. Nothing to see but the bloody machinery searching for questions. Where there might not be any answers to be found. It's cannibalistic, incestuous and plagiary ridden.


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Noilig Naastnarg
fotoboekengg Accra, Amsterdam, Baltimore, Berlin, Nairobi, Paramaribo
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Fecha de publicación  27 de octubre de 2013

Dimensiones  Carta de EE. UU  92 páginas Papel Sterling

Categoría  Literatura y ficción

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