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Shift brings together the work of three photographers exploring the relationship of memory and transitions in the built environment of the county of Norfolk.

Carys O'Brien writes: "I grew up in a town with a large water tower in the centre. It was called Jumbo, it stood proud on the skyline on top of its sturdy red brick legs, and had an elephant on the weather vane. When I was 18, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to climb the stairs to the very top, where there was a tiny room with panoramic windows surrounding my head. The view was incredible. The experience of climbing the tower was unrivaled. I suppose this is where my fascination began, although a decade passed before my obsession finally took hold."

James Benedict Brown writes: "In 1970 there were approximately 37,500 petrol stations in the UK, whereas in 2012 there were fewer than 9,000. While the independent petrol retailer may be disappearing, the architectural form of the rural petrol station forecourt remains widespread. The horizontal canopy of the petrol station is now shelter to new economic activities. Whether sheltering second hand car sales, hand car washing or the bereaved customers of a funeral home, the petrol station forecourt resists erasure from the rural landscape, supporting instead the emergence of new economic, social and cultural activity in the countryside."

Stephen Jarvis writes: "In my childhood out walking in the countryside with my father I used to love exploring pillboxes and the coastal gun battery at Bawdsey on the Suffolk coast, but life moved on and my interest waned. In recent years I have re-discovered my enthusiasm for these strange, brutal, blocky structures and see a new beauty in them that I never fully appreciated before. So I’ve set myself the task of recording them wherever I find them before they succumb to either erosion or demolition, and try to reveal the splendour in their decay and an echo of a battle that was never fought."


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