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After several decades of composing visual interpretations of Biblical scriptures, and writing abstracts about each artwork, fine artist Bretta Staley made a decision to journal and visually record more specific accounts of her personal Christian experiences. This decision changed her life, by reminding her daily of the special gifts that the Triune God----- Father, Son, and Holy Spirit had entrusted to her ability. Her artwork's and journals of faith, love, and hope are meant to be shared with many people as testimonies of His infinite love for mankind.
In this notable exposition, How Great Thou Art” depicts visual images and promises from the Savior of intimacy, comfort, encouragement, and reassurance through worshipping Him. They are designed to visually illustrate the awesome power and greatness of God. They are visual recordings and journals that made Bretta more aware of His promises, allowing her to enjoy more of His amazing Grace. And they will show the importance of drawing closer to God through worshipping Him.


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Bretta Staley
brettastaley Orangeburg, South Carolina
I view my artworks and literature as a Christian Ministry that encompasses my visionary views. It is my desire to spread the Word of God by primarily utilizing a visual and written means of communication. My visual interpretation of the scriptures are generally representational in appearance. Through a careful analysis of the scriptures one can discover the specific message each composition contains. It is my hope that the artwork and written work that God has inspired me to produce will reverence Him. I also trust that my artwork will enlighten the body of Christ, share the Gospel, and provide an oasis of visual refreshment for humanity. Bretta Reed-Staley

Fecha de publicación  12 de septiembre de 2013

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Categoría  Fe y religión

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