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“The hearts of those meant to be heroes are forged.”–Raeghus

After her father Marcus triumphs and redeems the faithful of the aquatic race from Hell, Mina sets out to share God’s Word with the three nations that have yet to hear it: the male-dominated culture of the Dyrin, the warrior culture of the Lyri, and the Kwawzan–a nomadic crustacean race descended from the creatures of the deep.
Mina clashes with King Argen of Dyre, baptizes King Cassmir of Lyre, and helps make peace between her people and the Kwawzan. She faces a bittersweet union to Daemin of Dyre, finds the courage to forgive and love him, and has two children of her own: Enoch and Deborah. After returning to her home country with her family, she and her husband are knighted by King Horom for their valor and pursuit of justice, and they are given authority over three cities in the Saluuni Kingdom.
But once again, troubles are brewing… The dark lord plots his vengeance against the last of the family Lotharius and sets a new plan into motion to destroy the God-fearing nations and bring his dark heir, Daemyien, into the world. Through the deceit of his false teachers, he begins to turn the faithful away from the Truth as he convinces some that they are saved through Marcus–not Jesus Christ. With the death of the honorable King Horom, his son, the foolish and hot-headed Meenom, claims the throne, and he is among the corrupted. However, when the deceived start sacrificing their children as burnt offerings to a statue of Marcus, he cries out from Idan to his daughter in a dream and pleads with her to put a stop to it. To obey her father and honor God, Mina will have to challenge a powerful enemy of the faith–her own king.
Join Mina on her quest to reach the lost as you witness her faith, courage, and love for others. Join her on her journey of discipleship, forgiveness, mercy, and perseverance, and continue seeking that which is eternal.


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Preston Meyers
pmeyers88 Saginaw, Michigan

Fecha de publicación  03 de septiembre de 2013

Dimensiones  De bolsillo  288 páginas Impresión en blanco y negro (en papel no estucado crema)

Categoría  Fe y religión

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pmeyers88 dice

The epic continues with Mina, the immortal's daughter as she grows in her faith and is molded into the heroine she is meant to be. She will lead the courageous Dyrin who abandoned their home country for freedom and teach all the remaining nations about God. She will unite the nations by building alliances, leading by example, and standing against oppression. She would sacrifice everything for what is right, but even when the forces of evil close in, one mysterious hero arrives just in time to save her.

publicado 11 de sep. a las 01:50 PST

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