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"Vignettes and Other Such Oddities" includes poems, memories and snapshots both literal and figurative from my life. It is a non sequitur journey through some key moments of my stay on planet earth thus far. This book was magical to make and I found the whole publishing process to be quite fun...hopefully some o' that pours though.

Caveat: this book is my very first little tome and there are a gazillion grammatical and formatting errors. I do plan on updating soon however!


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Maria Barci
cartoonmamma Oakland, CA USA
A writer by nature and an artist by surprise, Maria fell into both in her early adulthood and has never looked back. She loves music, herbed cheddar bread and her friends --not necessarily in that order.

Fecha de publicación  02 de septiembre de 2013

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Categoría  Poesía

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cartoonmamma dice

Hi Ben! Sure, here's the addy: I also have a cartoon "sort of" website at: I just started the blog, so there's not much fodder, but I hope you enjoy! Have a great day (your book really does look cool)!

publicado 08 de sep. a las 08:46 PST


murooned dice

Hi Maria, thnx so much for your interest in my book :D Do you have a blog or website I can check out? I like your hat in your pic ;D

publicado 08 de sep. a las 08:27 PST


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