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I have deliberately tried to keep this book relatively short, because I believe that the people that will benefit from this the most, will desire reading it the least.
This book is designed around the point of SELF-IMPROVEMENT. Whilst you may draw many parallels and conclusions as to your aquaintancies or family members behaviour. Your MAIN FOCUS must be on YOURSELF, on what you think and feel, and how you can change YOURSELF.
It has the key to potential peace happiness and understanding, within personal relationships and friendships and life in general. Consider for all intents and purposes that this is a “TOOLBOX” and like any toolbox, you will only need to use the tools that you require to do the job. Some tools you may need to adjust for your own purpose, and some you may not need at all. As you progress in your understanding, you will realise what tools you need.
I am a forty eight year old man, and at the age of forty five I decided to embark on a journey of true self-discovery as to why I had so many failings within all relationships. I realised by self-learning that I was and always had been, and always will be A.D.H.D. and I sought a professional diagnosis which confirmed my suspicions, I was also placed on medication, which has helped greatly. Just because I am A.D.H.D. and a lot of my personal issues are as a direct result of being so, it is important to remember that, some of my issues may be a result of other things, purely because of my personal interactions and journey of life.
Whilst I will make references to High Functioning Autism, A.D.(H).D. and Neurotypical (Yesterdays Normal), I don't want to get tied up with labels. I would just like to go by the facts as I see them. Although some of my opinions and findings are somewhat controversial, I believe if you investigate them truthfully you may draw many parallels yourself, and make adjustments in your own thinking and behaviour for the better. Finally bear in mind that if you are in a relation....


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Paul ProSo (Pen Name)
ProSo1 Scotland UK

This book is potentially the most groundbreaking step in improving your life in a positive way, from making you feel happier and content with life and improving your ability to enjoy all relationships, through to allowing you to live to the best potential. If you are mentally ill it will enable you to manage your mental illness, to a point where reasonable happiness can be achieved, I hope some professionals pull their head out of the sand and embrace this book, to make a monumental difference in the world!

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ProSo1 dice

Very beneficial and informative, answers many previously unanswered questions. Compact but full of solutions, Very good read!

publicado 10 de mar. a las 01:07 PST


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