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This book of self-help Poems and reflections is the first one in a series of four books called the "Analyse What You" series the books that will follow are Analyse What You Think...Analyse What You Feel and Analyse What You Do.

Each poem in this book is preceded by a reflection and can either be read in the order they appear in. Or you may just want to open the book up in a random way and see which poem or reflection it takes you to.

The poem or reflection that you arrive at will more than likely be the one that is most fitting to your current situation and it will help you to get through it. All I hope is that whichever way you choose to read them something life changing happens for you!

My hope is that all the poems and reflections in this book will be life enhancing to you and bring you inspiration encouragement comfort and healing.


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Elizabeth Streeks
estreeks London, England
I am a multifaceted individual with many life enhancing skills that are used to help people overcome the challenges that life presents to them. My poems are just one of the skills that I use to help people. My Motto is “By Any Means Necessary”. I have been writing poetry for many years and in 1999 I wrote my first book ‘Poems with a Difference’ “Inspirational Encouraging and Comforting”. As well as being a Poet and Author I am a Certified Life Coach Trainer and the writer of songs and training materials. For further information please email My deepest desire is to see peoples lives changed and enhanced for good. I earnestly want to help people to stop struggling with the cares of this life and to experience more peace and enjoyment during their lifetime. I believe we must all come to a place where we recognise that we were not put on this earth to suffer and struggle but to live in joy and fulfilment.

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