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Did you hear about the amazing Canadian that came on a fleeting visit to Perth to drum up some women to form a club? A club that would be part of an international organisation to advance the status of women worldwide? In the 1970s this would have struck a chord with many women. These were the days when women had to give up their Government jobs when they got married, the days when regardless of how much they earned, women had to have the signature of a man on a document to get any loan...the days when situations vacant were advertised as 'for men' or 'for women' and when the door could be closed on a potential career due to a chromosome.

However, these problems were just the tip of the iceberg of injustice for women around the world. Too many women had too few choices about education, health and marriage - and the probability of poverty for life was high.

Well, the amazing Canadian achieved her goal. She came, she sowed the seeds for change, formed a club of dynamic women and then returned to Canada. Those few weeks she spent in Australia have made a difference to literally thousands of women in Perth, in Australia and around the world.

This book will tell the story of what happened when those dynamic women took those seeds and made them grow.

If you enjoy this book, please consider showing your appreciation by making a donation to the Zonta International Foundation www.zonta.org.


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Carole Theobald
cat214 Perth, Western Australia

How did I get myself into this project? Firstly, I am passionate about making the world a kinder, fairer and safer place. From an early age, I could see that many women did not get a 'fair go'. Discrimination and violence abound in this world - trampling so much potential in the process. Zonta International, through its advocacy and service programs, helps women at home and abroad to be their best - to go to school, to stay at school, to have access to health care and be safe. The Zonta Club of Perth's activities have made a positive contribution to the lives of thousands of women.

Secondly, I was 'encouraged' by two Zontians, Margaret Medcalf and Lennie McCall, to share our club's fantastic story. These women have enormous enthusiasm for history - and have dedicated a large part of their working and private lives to preserving the history of Western Australia. This book is the end result of that 'encouragement'. Please enjoy it.

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