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Lipari is the largest of the Aeolian Islands in the Tyrrhenian Sea off the north coast of Sicily, and the name of the island's main town. The Aeolian Islands are listed by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites. The photographs are a personal visual journey rather than a detailed document of the island.


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Franco Di Capua
FdChannel Gragnano, Napoli - Italy
Write something about me ...? ..but really nothing doesn't come to my mind. The perception I have of myself doesn't always correspond to what others have. I could label me with some stupid slogan or give of me a tedious description of the thoughts, tastes and hobbies.., but I think that this doesn't serve to describe a person. I can only say that there are states of mind that I absolutely share because experimented ("Always preserve the enthusiasm of a child", "Cultivating a passion for wonder", "Living in close contact with nature") and others that I would like to experiment ("Never lose sight of the goal, " "Always enjoy the right time "). It isn't easy to feel fully satisfied, it isn't enough to want to be happy to feel happy indeed with the passing of years, happiness seems to become more and more an indefinable state of mind .. Then I got an idea, I'm here...!!

Fecha de publicación  18 de agosto de 2013

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Comentarios (5)


JWDesigns dice

Extraordinary photography! Stunning color! Breathtaking views! An incredibly delightful book filled with wonderful experiences including a personal and magical tour around the island; a grand history of the land; an education on the formation of pumice; an introduction to the region's geography and geology; local architecture intricacies; and much more!. Since reading your book, Lipari no longer exists merely as a dot on a map, but as a dynamic and colorful community with a very rich history. You bring Lipari to life through your sensitive eye and your great talent. Simply: "Enchanting"! Thank you. I look forward to your next book!

publicado 29 de sep. a las 21:49 PST


DariaSimonci dice

well done, it was a good gift .

publicado 11 de sep. a las 10:32 PST


PeppeArrigo dice

Gorgeous photo book, enhanced by rich and complete text.

publicado 11 de sep. a las 10:14 PST


DarioAdler dice

Ho scoperto e apprezzato la qualità di questo libro, l'ho trovato stimolante ed utile. Grazie per averlo condiviso.

publicado 11 de sep. a las 06:36 PST


FdChannel dice

I was fascinated by nature, culinary habits, local wines, the colours of the sea.

publicado 18 de ago. a las 12:09 PST

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