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Forex trading can give you any lifestyle you can dream of. If you want to be finical independent this book has the tools to assist you to achieve that desired out come. A small group of traders set out to travel the world while living off the earning of there trading along the way. This lifestyle of travel and freedom is not for every body THis book is only for people who truly want tot work not longer that 15 minutes per day.


Acerca del autor

David Shepherd
drdpip65 Melbourne, Australia

About the Author
David is a co-author “$1000 to $1 million in 80 days”. David has a broad range of qualifications, with a Bachelor of Business And a PhD in
International Markets.

In fact, David’s diversity and preparedness to take on challenges has seen him achieve the highest Toastmasters award, as well as being a master practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming.

David has been trading since he was 19, starting with option trading. He has been a professional trader for over 15 years on the Forex & Gold markets.

Part of that trading experience has seen him as a fund manager for a large superannuation fund. As a trader David is well credentialed and qualified to teach people how to trade, in a way that actually works.
David believes in the psychology of trading and it is some of this work that has the people he teaches becoming successful, profitable, Forex
It is with that inspiration and passion for trading that this book “Just 15 minutes Per day was created

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