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I) Premise Statement: The book is about a true accident story that happened in my life over twenty years ago. With pictures, bible verses and encouraging words to help other people that have been in an accident and need help.
II) Audience Description: A Christian person in need of encouragement in their life.
III) Author information: Jamie Pulos-Fry is a member of Lancaster Baptist Church in Lancaster California. Has a servants heart by servicing in Music Ministry, volunteer’s in many parts of the Church and for the West Coast Baptist College. This is her first book and hopes this blesses and encourages others with her story. I can write this book because it is a true story of part of my life.
VI) Chapter-by-chapter synopsis:
• Chapter 1: life at this time- Tell a little bit of the reason I was on the freeway in the first place. Because I was visiting my husband in the hospital that day.
• Chapter 2: Car Accident- This is when I was hit by a car and went flying and rolling off the freeway and taken to the hospital.
• Chapter 3: Hospital Room- This is where I found out that I cannot walk and have a cracked collarbone. Then have to go back to my parents until I heal.
• Chapter 4: Parents- Then have to give me a pillow under my blankets and lift up my foot so I can sleep. My father has to take me to the doctors and attorney office. This is where I found out on the police report that the fence stops me and that I am hanging from my seatbelt when the emergency vehicles find me. I still do not know who hit who even today.
• Chapter 5: Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich- This is where I tell all the things and places I had to do to get to the other side of the house, with one side of my body lifeless.


Acerca del autor

Jamie Pulos-Fry
jamiefriends Lancaster, CA

Fecha de publicación  09 de agosto de 2013

Dimensiones  De bolsillo  60 páginas Impresión en color (en papel no estucado blanco)

Categoría  Fe y religión


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jamiefriends dice

This book is to help you understand the reasons we have trails and using the bible show how.

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