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3200 years ago, humankind began to spread out to the stars. Earth and Mars were not large enough for them anymore, and the leaders of humanity wanted to vary their peoples’ locations in order to prevent one massive catastrophe from wiping out their entire race and civilization. Planets were colonized within seventy light years from Earth in all directions. Hundreds of planets were developed and began prospering. However, during the thousands of years of the First Wave of Colonization, two distinct races formed. Homo Sapiens remained as they had always been, intuitive and strong. Homo Novus was developed within the nearly infinite pathways between the stars and proved to be incredibly intelligent and their endurance was beyond any normal human. Both proclaimed their races to be “True Humanity.” War ensued.

Since that seven-century war, many years have passed. Both the Terran and Outlier governments live in relative, if tense, peace. Instead of between battleships on major tradeways, the conflict now takes place in the alleyways of the stars where criminals hide, interstellar corporations ply their trade, smugglers hunt for derelict craft, and pirates hunt for smugglers, criminals, and corporate ships alike. It is into this world of crime, politics, heists, and leftover pieces of war that your character is created.

Enjoy your ability to build devices into your characters allowing almost infinite customization of abilities. You can gain the ability to hack other systems and computers using just your mind, build ranged and melee weapons into your limbs, invade enemies’ bodies with nanites, and many other options. This Core Rule Book contains everything that a roleplayer needs to create many characters and customize them to his or her ultimate satisfaction. Use these resources to create amazing heists, daring raids, fantastic ship-to-ship battles, and unbelievable political takeovers. You will only find this level of world background, story, and character customization in When Worlds Collide.


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Justin Clark
jandjclark Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

Fecha de publicación  15 de julio de 2013

Dimensiones  Vertical estándar  226 páginas   Papel estándar

Categoría  Ciencia ficción y fantasía

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narfinkool dice

I have played this game numerous times with the creator and it's by far the best RP Tabletop game I have ever played. It is hands down the most creative and innovative fantasy RP game and I have been playing tabletop RP games for over 18 years. Highly recommend 5/5.

publicado 15 de jul. a las 14:15 PST


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