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The human body is beautiful…

From its duality of hard and soft, elegant lines, and ability to convey emotion without words. I strive to capture those emotions- strength, vulnerability, loneliness- through my male subjects. Everywhere, I feel our society's anxiety about our bodies, a shame with a strangle-hold upon us since the beginning of time. From the parable of Adam hiding his nakedness with the nature around him to you and I doing the same with clothing and fabrics. What is our relationship with those things that hide our mortification? Is that relationship affording us freedom, or subtly programming a deeper discomfort? What makes it so deeply ingrained in the human experience?
In these series I use a clean and classic style to lay bare "ideal" people experiencing emotions about their bodies just as each of us does.
I have been selective in making images that viewers can experience without feeling shocked or assaulted. I want to draw them in and start a conversation with them. First about their feelings on someone else's nakedness and in turn about their feelings on their own.


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Matthew Finley
finleyphoto Los Angeles, California, USA
Matthew Finley is a photographer based in Los Angeles with a restless desire find new and meaningful ways to explore imagery and find a personal connection to both the process and the content.

Fecha de publicación  11 de julio de 2013

Dimensiones  Cuadrado grande  38 páginas Papel premium, acabado satinado

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finleyphoto dice

This photography project is an attempt to explore our relationship with emotions surrounding both our own nudity and with the things we use to cover our nudity.

publicado 31 de jul. a las 16:36 PST


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