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Lanzarote is a Spanish island 125 km off the coast of Africa into the Atlantic Ocean. Known for its dramatic volcanic landscapes, harbours and hotel resorts the island caters to millions of tourists annually.

There are moments when the clutter of the hospitality industry seems to recede. On an coastal walkway there seems to be something intoxicating about the Atlantic horizon. Standing on the strange moonscape it seems we have finally reached the end of the earth. Looking out is like looking nowhere. A calm poetic lack of words that needs to be captured.


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Mikael Siirilä
mscore Helsinki, Finland

I am a designer, developer and an ambitious old school photographer. Recent years have driven me deeper into the zen of analog photography. I seek images that reflect the human condition and elevate the mundane. Photography helps me to see and absorb scenes and ultimately relive moments.

Fecha de publicación  01 de julio de 2013

Dimensiones  Carta de EE. UU  20 páginas   Papel estándar

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