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A life as vibrant as the art. Colorful, creative, engaging. Those adjectives are equally apt for the art and the artist. Rachel's brothers and sisters remember her painting from her youngest days, not so much an avocation as it was simply a part of who she was.

Rachel was much more than an artist, teaching for several years in inner city Philadelphia and suburban Boston. While Rachel stepped out of full time teaching to raise sons Aaron and Jacob, by no means did she stop working. Rachel transformed into a prolific writer for the local newspaper, which opened up another world of adventure. Rachel used her role as a theater reviewer and art critic as the all-access entry pass she would need to see every major musical that made it into Boston and much more. Along with regular visits to area museums of the arts and sciences, sporting events, circuses, festivals and anything else with an exciting atmosphere. These experiences enriched not only Rachel but also her husband John, along with other friends and family.

The next step for Rachel was writing of her many travels across Europe, Asia, South America and our own continent for national magazines and other publications. Ever the opportunist, Rachel parlayed this into ever more fantastic vacations. What started out as bus trips across Kansas or Georgia soon
became cruises in Alaska and along the Danube. Of course quite often that travel bug intersected with her true artist self.

The first book, A Celebration of Art, highlighted Rachel's seminal trips to San Miguel, Mexico. The art travels did not start or stop there. Rachel traveled several times to Viterbo, Italy to take art classes in the country where the Renaissance began. And regularly she would take shorter trips through New England, painting or sketching one familiar scene in Truro, Massachusetts a half dozen times.

Decades of taking and teaching art classes, attending studio workshops and working with mentors took Rachel all over the North Shore. Oil paintings with real depth depicted coastlines of Gloucester, Ipswich, Rockport and of course Beverly. Other outdoor scenes are instantly recognizable: Bass Rocks, Lynch Park, the Rockport Quarries.

Now sit back and soak in Color & Charcoal, a dynamic journey around the world and through time. Your eyes will be treated to vivid and vibrant colors which seem to illuminate the soul of the artist, as well as the things which Rachel observed.


Acerca del autor

Jake Rome
jakerome Manhattan Beach, California, United States of America
A runner with a photography problem or a photographer with a running problem. Working as an engineer, living at the beach near Los Angeles. The last 3 years, I've developed a bad habit of creating or organizing collaborative projects with sometimes a few and sometimes hundreds of virtual stranger. A quick search for Free the Dune, The Day of the Donut or the Operation Jack Marathon will lead you to three of these quixotic efforts. My current projects include including 2-3 teams for the Hermosa 24 ultramarathon & relay on the soft sand of the beach, raising money for cancer research to honor my mom and of course The Icebox Book. This fine art photography book can soon be in your hands, and will proudly rest atop your other coffee table books. Give it a shot.

Fecha de publicación  27 de junio de 2013

Dimensiones  Cuadrado grande  80 páginas Papel premium, acabado satinado

Categoría  Bellas artes

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