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We are Emily’s Boys. You are not likely to be struck by our resemblance to Emily Dickinson, since we are not a solitary woman writing in Amherst, Massachusetts, in the middle of the 19th century but four men writing in Dayton, Ohio, at the beginning of the 21st. She wrote "Publication — is the Auction / Of the Mind of Man — ", but we are offering you our first book. We can imagine nothing that she would abhor more than being told what to write and how, but we listen closely to each other, often finding ourselves approaching connected ideas from different directions, our voices interacting like so many spreading ripples. We have no pretensions to her stature as the most quietly radical of American poets. It’s just that we share an affinity for her themes and for her approach. We are drawn to her by more than filial affection, for we aspire to her witty and probing skepticism. On questions both timely and timeless, we have our beliefs and at the same time we hold those up and down for scrutiny. And, like her, we would be most gratified if you find that some of our verse "is alive."


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