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Anciently the Prophet Isaiah spoke of a day of chariots without number. He described men stuffing their faces with one hand, while stealing food from their neighbors plates, with the other.
Are we there yet? The average American family owns more automobiles and recreational vehicles than we have licensed drivers or even children!
Justification in digging a pit for one's neighbor has become an acceptable standard so long as it is within legal boundaries.
Easy Credit and abandoned debt move as a plague across the nation & world. the financial future of our families and nations are threatened.
Beautifully illustrated, this book provides powerful, 'to the point' affirmations, to assist families and individuals in becoming self-reliant socially, emotionally, spiritually, physically and economically.


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Cynthia Garritson Ellis
wasatch Chubbuck, Id
Cynthia and Darris live in Chubbuck, Idaho are the parents of six children and eighteen grandchildren. As builder-developers for thirty two years they have survived personal financial setbacks due to medical crises and recessions. Cynthia is a a Professional Artist, Public Speaker and Author. Darris and Cynthia recently completed a two year, full-time mission, (2006-2008), as Storehouse Managers distributing food and commodoties to the poor and needy. Their responsibilities included teaching Provident Living and Self-reliance to three and four congregations throughout South-Eastern Idaho each Sabbath. Working with families and religious leaders Darris and Cynthia became very much aware of familial and cultural traditions and concepts which held many of these wonderful men and women hostage. Serving this mission Darris and Cynthia came to understand, most people desire to do the right thing in providing for their families, if only they knew what the right thing was.

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