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From the publisher: 
I’ve enjoyed learning more about my family through the publishing of this book, the first chapter in my father’s family photo album. I remember looking at these pictures growing up at home in their original albums on an end table in our living room. 
My father (William J. Zwart) later organized the photos into a single album by category, the first category you see in this book. I’ve tried to reproduce the layout as closely as possible to the form my father used, with the addition of text on the back of photos. Some of the relations in Dad’s book don’t map to the genealogy (shown on the back of the book), such as “Great-Grandma Kamp” and half brother to Grandpa John “Dirk Koorn” (perhaps Kornelis Jacob Bood remarried?). Also, a date or two doesn’t match the genealogy. I’ve reproduced the album, though, as is without correction. 
Dad was the first person born in his family in the United States. He spoke a little Dutch, mainly an old and formal way of saying “I love you” to me and my brother and sister, a phrase that meant “from horsing around comes great pain” (used when we kids were rough-housing too much), and telling adult jokes with my uncles. He was always proud of his family history and Dutch heritage. 
It is my hope that this book will help you (especially my nephews Christopher and Justin, and niece Kelley) connect with your family’s past through the Bood family, and encourage you to reconnect with familiar relatives and get to know new ones (with perhaps different last names!). 
If you know how you relate to my dad, Bill Zwart, you can trace how you relate to the Boods. Dad loved the Bood family very much, and kept in contact with some of them (especially Tanta Anna and Tanta Marie) over the years. In the book is a telegram sent to Marie Bood during World War II with her reply.


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