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My thoughts on creating a self-published book using typologies as an approach, initially baffled me, mostly because my personal work is reflective in nature. I use my work as a means to explore emotions and past experiences in a way that gives meaning to who I am and of finding my place in the world. As a consequence, I was unsure how a typology
might fit into my way of working.

The project came about as part of the Directions Within Photographic Communication module, on year one of the Photography BA to which I am enrolled. Creating a typology - a study of types -made my first consideration ‘How the heck do I snap a bunch of themed
subjects and attempt to create something that has meaning and fulfils the brief?‘

I had decided some time back, that I wanted to explore further the feelings of unfullfilled longing (for friendship) and detachment (borne of past experiences). I had an a image which I’d taken a while back of a friend, a shot of him walking away from me on a street,
the image resonates on a level I’d not anticipated when I had originally taken it. Whether it was a subconscious urge to capture this moment of parting I cannot say with certainty. However, it conjures up all the the emotion of someone I care about, moving away from
me, turning their back, being left…left behind. It also represents my own tendencies to detach , to keep people at a distance for fear of getting too close.

This image and what it stands for, evolved into my concept for this typology, that of relationships , relationships of people I know and those I do not; where I am involved...but not. The view from behind, a way of reinforcing this detachment both as participant
and as a photographer.


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Warren Fournier
wfournier Manchester, UK
Photographer / BA Photography Undergraduate @ Salford University / Volunteer Photographer for Castlefield Gallery, Manchester / Occasional Writer

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