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Creating peace and reconciliation in the Middle East, one healed heart at a time. Shevet Achim: "Hearts made well. Hearts made one."

Each year, more than one million children worldwide are born with some type of heart defect. Nearly 100,000 of them die before their first birthday, and thousands more die before reaching adulthood.

Since 1994, the ministry of Shevet Achim (Hebrew for "Brothers Dwelling in Unity", taken from the Hebrew translation of Psalm 133:1) has enabled children from Gaza, Iraq, and Kurdistan to receive life-saving heart surgery in the hospitals of Tel Aviv, Israel. In the "land of their enemy", these dying children are given a second chance at life.

During my time in Israel working with Shevet Achim, I have held babies from Gaza, made cookies with mothers from Kurdistan, shared living space and meals, laughed and rejoiced, cried and mourned, danced in the streets of Jerusalem, and grown to love my fellow staff members and the families who we have served.

Shevet Achim is entirely not-for-profit, supported solely by donations and by volunteers who give their time (including the medical staff who provide care at a fraction of the normal cost) to save these children's lives.

Through the photos in this book, get a glimpse of Shevet Achim: the children and their families, the Israeli medical staff who heal their broken hearts, and the volunteers from many nations who live alongside them in the Shevet house, care for them, and love them.

Each page features an alphabet letter relating to Shevet Achim and the children, and photos of the children and our work.

**Proceeds from the sale of these books will be donated to Shevet Achim.**

If you purchase a copy of this book, you will get an excellent-quality beautiful photo book, and the satisfaction of knowing that you have played a role in saving lives and creating peace in a war-torn region.



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