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Being an abstract photographer, I feel the freedom to play with people's imagination. My passion is finding discarded and overlooked things all around me, and transforming them through photography. Working in this fashion for over a year, I have made the photographs less recognizable and more abstract. My influences have changed throughout the years ranging from, Cindy Sherman to William Eggleston. As soon as this project captured me, I found myself being more influenced by Abstract Expressionist Painters like Barnett Newman, Franz Kline and Mark Rothko. I am interested in hearing what the viewer thinks the picture is or what it's about. That's my reward. The moment of seeing and photographing what I see, is the most satisfying. When I can make the viewer think and question, I feel I have been successful.


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jacquemo dice

I like it! very nice work.

publicado 29 de jul. a las 12:39 PST


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