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This is the first important collection of Bodhi Smith's work (compiled over 2yrs: June 2011- May 2013).

Inside, three different portfolios exhibit landscape photography that will astound the eyes with compositions capturing light in such a way as to create an impression or a feeling in the mind of the viewer. Some images convey reflections and dancing light; other images amaze with bold and breathtaking colors; still other images have no color--they make a stark declaration with their contrasts of black and white.

No matter what the design, all of Bodhi's photography studies light and its interplay with various elements, such as clouds, water, rocks, or wood to create perspective and meaning. Each photo in this book will leave the viewer enchanted, wanting more with each flip of the page...

"I hope you enjoy this modest collection of my I have enjoyed collecting these images."
-- D. "Bodhi" Smith


Acerca del autor

Bodhi Smith Photography
bodhismith United States


Bodhi Smith is a native of Southern California and makes his home in Southwest Riverside County, CA. He is truly a natural romantic, a free spirit, and enthusiast of the outdoors...he and his dog, "The Dude," are often atop a snow-capped peak, or amidst the narrow walls of a slot canyon finding relaxation through experience along their path to "enlightenment."

When out on an adventure, Bodhi never knows just exactly what image he is going to take: the capture itself finds him, and calls out for Bodhi to photograph it before its moment in time passes by. Awe-inspiring scenery beckons and invites him to journey to it...Bodhi is compelled to experience its essence and share its beauty with an "impression in time" thru the lens of his camera.

Other people who might not be able to make a trip to a destination Bodhi has been too, but would also love to experience its marvels at the same time, can still do so thru Bodhi's photographic images...

Fecha de publicación  30 de abril de 2013

Dimensiones  Apaisado grande  70 páginas Papel estándar

Categoría  Fotografía artística

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