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Twenty years in the making.
Created by Illustrator and Graphic Designer
Svengali Sven.

The concept came about through a convoluted set of reasoning and ideas. Throughout the 1980s Sven was reading a lot feminist literature, especially in regard to art and the appropriation of images of women by men.

This left him with the feeling that he wasn’t ‘qualified’ to continue drawing the beautiful Yoni, as he didn’t have one. Sven was left to draw what he had and knew was ‘qualified’ to draw. The phallus, penis, cock, dick is what Sven was most qualified to represent.

With this in mind combined with a view that came out of this reading (as well as the concept in popular culture) that many vehicles, being designed by men for men, are inherently representations of the male appendage. They are commonly thrusting and aggressive in shape and form. Indeed, most of the shapes come about for reasons not directly associated with the representations of the phallus, though in the end they still seem to end up being treated as extensions of their masculinity.

The thought occurred to him, “What would the vehicles look like if they did actually look like the appendage and we didn’t need to disguise; but represent it?”

Here for the first time ever the concept of cock-car; as an extension of male sexuality; is presented in all its ridiculousness, seriousness, silliness and fun. Enjoy.


Acerca del autor

Stephen (aka Svengali Sven) Lee
svengalisven Australia

Stephen Lee (sven) has been a graphic designer and illustrator for more than 30 years and you'd think he'd get over drawing penis's! Funnily enough; he didn't draw penis's as a young man. He drew yoni's (vulva's) until he started reading feminist art literature and decided to concentrate on drawing what he had and knew new best. From there the obsession just grew (so to speak). The opportunity for innuendo and puns are everywhere;but I shall try to resist. Out of this came several books. The first of which is The Secret History of Penis Vehicles, with several more books based around the penis to come. Enjoy.

Fecha de publicación  25 de abril de 2013

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