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As John Donne observed, "... more than kisses, letters mingle souls...", and these letters from life-long educator, artist and pioneer feminist Kizzie Payton to her four granddaughters are a testament to this truth. In twelve monthly letters spanning the year of 2012, she shares with her beloved girls her experiences, her wisdom and her indominatable spirit. In an age of tweets and soundbites this book reminds us of the pleasure and the treasure that letters can be, and the excerpts from her granddaughers' replies included here make it evident that she is passing on this virtue to another generation. The book is enlivened with her delightful minature paintings, including the cover art, as well as photographs of her granddaughters.


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Fecha de publicación  23 de abril de 2013

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Kizziep dice

" More Than Kisses" tells the story of a remarkable woman in letters to her granddaughters. The messages of unconditional love, acceptance, hope for the future, and a deep spiritual connection to a higher, greater power come through as teachings for generations to come. Kizzie's marrying of original art, metaphors of color with personal significance adds a depth of meaning beyond the written words. She shares significant experiences that have shaped her life with the children who will carry on her legacy.

publicado 21 de ago. a las 17:20 PST


doctorp dice

“….more than kisses” is a compilation of monthly letters sent to the author’s granddaughters . Although personal in nature, Ms. Payton included universal messages that might apply to all readers. She not only gives this newest generation a glimpse of her own past, but shares the wisdom gained from her experiences. My emotions ran the gamut – from laughing to crying, from anger to compassion. To give these sentiments a bonus enhancement, the author included her own paintings and photos of the “girls”. “…more than kisses” is about relationships, family and subtle guidance. Dr. Romey Peavler, North Carolina

publicado 31 de jul. a las 20:08 PST


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