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Revised and enlarged edition, taking into account the passing away of the Company's founder Dale Johnson, in mid-2012.
Frostline Kits started an American revolution. Suddenly it became possible for YOU to sew your own high quality down jackets, sleeping bags, tents, dog packs and tons of other stuff. And you'd do it all for much lower cost than ready-made gear. Frostline was so successful it became an American icon, still fondly remembered from its heyday in the late 1960s and 70s.


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Bruce Johnson M.A.
oregonphotos Oregon-Washington, USA

My FIVE Blurb books combine many of my passions. The lure of beautiful, innovative outdoor gear drove me into the history of the industry and its colorful founders. The fun was in the researching, writing, photographing, and tracking down mysteries. This is the kind of work I enjoy the most.

Please visit my website, where you can simply click the "About Us" button to access a complete 2 page Biography of me!

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