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This book is meant for all divers from beginner to professional with lots of information on boat etiquette, dive briefings, and safety before, during and after the dive.

The dive briefing might seem for some of a waste of time, but for the majority of us it is the most important part of the dive no matter whether it’s from the shore or from a boat. Knowing where to go and why is of the greatest importance

if you want to see everything and do it in the safest way.

The buddy check – checking your own and your buddy’s dive gear – is essential not only to make sure if all equipment is put on and geared up correctly, but also in case of an emergency. Then you will know exactly where to find the part of equipment you need on your buddy’s dive gear and so does he.

Drawing an underwater map of a dive site is something not everybody can do. There are underwater maps that are readable for all divers, whether experienced or beginner, and there are underwater maps that are real works of art. These are mostly the ones we find in books about certain wreck sites or popular diving destinations. Do not forget that these are made by professionals.


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Diving on Demand
scubaprof Netherlands
How to extras for professionals and beginners in the recreational diving industry

Fecha de publicación  11 de marzo de 2013

Dimensiones  De bolsillo  50 páginas Impresión en blanco y negro (en papel no estucado crema)

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