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'Deviant Light' is a book about my greatest passion - photography - and my first opus in this exciting world of self-publishing.
As such, it features more than 150 photographs which I think roughly represent my artwork. I will not try to describe it because I rather much prefer to let the viewer decide if there's something more to be seen beyond the obvious and if he/she can find any personal correlation with it. Hopefully, it will speak for itself.

If you check the preview, you will see that I've scattered small texts across the pages. I certainly am not a writer and this was not a pretentious attempt to appear as one. These texts are solely fragments of what I feel or think when I photograph. Sometimes the photograph shapes the thought and some other times it's the other way around.

Literally and technically speaking (for those of you more 'material-inclined'), you will see film, digital, and mixed media photographs, all shot with 35mm (or equivalent) and medium format cameras. Some are color images but the vast majority is monochrome.

The photographs themselves feature women, and carry a variable degree of sexual and/or erotic aura; derelict buildings I explored in my urbex adventures; graveyards and their beautiful and oftentimes macabre artwork; industrial sites with their innerent powerful atmosphere, even when abandoned; simple objects, bodies or shapes, approached in a perhaps unusual angle; friends, as I see them; cityscapes and landscapes, with their endless subject possibilities, etc.

So, I invite you to explore the preview and tell me what you think.

Please note that the full spreads have an offset in the gutter. That's on purpose to compensate for the portions of the image that are 'lost' in the gutter (believe me, I've seen that in my first copies). Also, keep in mind that the preview is a long shot from the real product image-quality-wise.

You can also visit my photography site at or my profile at Facebook. Feel free to contact me.


Acerca del autor

Nuno Benavente
O5iris Lisbon, Portugal
Born and raised in Lisbon, Portugal. Holding a Masters degree in Geosystems, I'm a scientific researcher in the field of Image Analysis and a passionate photographer with a keen eye for all things strangely beautiful.

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