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Beyond the horror of the Khmer Rouge and the splendor of the Angkor Temples, lies a country in a period of rapid change. Emerging from decades of brutal civil war and genocide, Cambodia is at a turning point. Behind it lies a culture rich in tradition, and ahead, the promise of prosperity. The images presented here are meant to show Cambodia as it is now. Will the age old rites and rituals be lost amid the bright lights of modernization?
Cambodia is a place of contrasts. The neon green of the rice paddies, saffron robes of the monks, overwhelming generosity, and nightmarish past are at odds but part of the same reality.
David Seaver has spent over 6 years documenting the changes taking place in Cambodia.


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David Seaver Photography
dseaver Burlington, VT

David Seaver Photography is a full service photography company. We specialize in making creative photographs for any project big or small. With a global network of contacts, we are experienced in getting the shots that no one else can.
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