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200 pages of black and white, published and unpublished work from 2009-2013 coming your way. This is by far my most personal project. So much blood, sweat and tears shed in the making, and love, a lot of love from amazing people who were and still are always there for me.


"This is a very personal affair indeed. Photography is always the tool to reach what we are not allowed to touch. Lonely cities and distant boys. Andrian's BW makes everything more real, rather than romantic. Photography is always the opposite of dream, even when it depicts people in the intimate act of or daydreaming, reminiscing or wishing. Photography always fills in the gaps and brings it all to the surface."
― Andrea Vecchiato (Director)

"I have been enthusiastically following the young photographer Andrian Jutba's work for some time. His photography is privy of the artificial and superfluous. Andrian's images bask in sensitivity, they are personal moments forever frozen in time. They are images which are appreciated for their simplicity and honesty. Both he and his willing subjects invite us to view, to witness and to share in their emotions and we are all richer for it."
― Sam Scott Schiavo (Photographer)

"Andrian Jutba's edge is what distinguishes the work. The way it examines the intimate side, the side of things that we rarely have a chance to see up close. I mean, I realize that sex sells, but his is a sexuality that is much more palpable and realistic."
― Stephan Rahim Rabimov (Founder and Publisher of DEPESHA Magazine)

"An artists soul is always reflected in his work, in the case of Andrian this is most definitely true. There is a notion of hopeless romanticism, delicate sensuality and discreet sexuality in his portraits. Nothing is outspoken yet everything is strangely precise. The landscapes are almost ghostly, eery, with a misty dreaminess that reflects the vision, deep rooted emotions, and aspirations of the photographer."
― William John-Paul Cockain


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Andrian Jutba Photography
andrianjutba Makati, Philippines / Bangkok, Thailand

Fecha de publicación  03 de marzo de 2013

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