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244 pages filled with HUNDREDS of SECRET recipes!!! Get the entire book as a PDF (instant download) for only $12.99!!!

The preview of the book is limited here, as these are very SECRET recipes that were very difficult to obtain. However, please visit the following Facebook link to see hundreds of recipe photos from this incredible 244 page book and to also check for any available monthly DISCOUNT/PROMO CODES!!!:

If you had two weeks to live, what foods would YOU choose to have during your last days on earth?

There is something very special about secret family recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation. They are the recipes that evoke memories of our youth, of warm and loving family gatherings, of times when we looked forward to something special. I must tell you, in compiling these recipes, there were those willing to eagerly share, and those who guarded their recipes with their lives! It was like pulling teeth getting these recipes!

This book is filled with incredibly delicious multicultural foods that are considered our ultimate family favorites. I have included only the very best recipes, those that our family and friends would choose if they only had two weeks to live! However, you certainly don't need to be at death's door or on death row to be able to eat the best foods in the world! You can enjoy them right now!

You will find mouth watering treasures from various parts of the world, with a heavy concentration on Middle Eastern heirloom recipes. Included are Palestinian, Greek, Russian, Polish, Indian, Italian, Lebanese, French, German, Irish, Chaldean and Armenian recipes, to name a few. From tantalizing, unique appetizers to heavenly, seductive desserts...each is a masterpiece! There is something for everyone...from the hearty meat and potatoes lover, to the ever health conscious vegan or vegetarian.

I hope that you enjoy these recipes as much as our family and friends have and that you continue the tradition of passing them down through the generations.


P.S. You won't find filler pages with a lot of empty talk in this book. It's FILLED with recipes and step by step instruction and definitely worth every cent! As self-published, on-demand books are expensive to print, I assure you that my profit is only a few dollars per book. It was already expensive enough, so I give you this book from the heart. Thank you in advance for your support in purchasing my book!


After previewing the book here, please visit my Facebook page to see even more recipe photos!


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Joanne Manna
alexis77jm Farmington Hills, Michigan

Joanne (Freij) Manna is a 44 year old mother of two who lives in Farmington Hills, Michigan.

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