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Ok, so I am a late bloomer..At 55 I began exploring photography as a creative expression, started exhibiting and selling my photos at 65. Now in my early 70s, with a hundred or more juried exhibitions under my belt, I continue to try to be creative ... What more is there to say? I have had my loaf of bread and jug of wine and it has been enough…

I realize now how we usually see the world...mostly through the windshield or the window, at 75mph, or 600 mph, see 7 countries in 7 days...look for the sign that says "take picture here." It is the way we can see everything and nothing at all.

But the view from the camera slows us down. We necessarily hesitate, learn to see only what is in the lens, develop a new way of seeing, and a new world opens...

I have rarely made photographs to document a particular place. I have been and am interested in my subjects as ends in themselves. I explore them, reflect upon them, make any number of reasoned decisions before I press the shutter, and more decisions before I publish. If I had my druthers, I would have you look into my subjects, not just at them...see the details, the light and shadow, the unusual, zoom in slowly...that is what I would wish.


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Hal Wallace
qutip Provo, Utah
Actually most of my biographical information is in the book or the fly leaf. Enjoy! (I hope) 2/26/2013 I have received my first copy of the book and it is perfect! Colors are true, details are flawlessly preserved.

Fecha de publicación  14 de febrero de 2013

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