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A "notebook" for shambolics, to jot down forget-me-nots-notes, doodle on, take-away, carry on and enjoy while living. Being messy is not a curse, it can be creative as I tried to show in this tiny phot album of mine.... it is disorderly, topsy-turvy, and muddly but that's the point (for once).


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Yona Eligoulachvili
yonaelig Geneva, GE, Switzerland

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yonaelig dice

ohhhh i'm touched! My first sale ever!!!

publicado 07 de mar. a las 13:27 PST


trry dice voila I found my way! I did order the "notbuk"... I just love it...

publicado 07 de mar. a las 11:31 PST


yonaelig dice

Thank you naturalgrl! :)

publicado 21 de ago. a las 06:44 PST


naturalgrl dice

Love your book!

publicado 20 de ago. a las 16:20 PST

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